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Fashion, Beauty & Portrait Photographer fashion photographer

Barry Green is London based fashion photographer using professional grade Nikon equipment: Workflow embraces tethered shooting and full colour management from camera to print. Barry has marketing experience in Japan, Korea and China, middle east and Europe. Feel free to comment and inquire on any issue.

“Light focuses the mind.” It’s absence focuses the mind on whatever else remains visible to the viewer, be those remaining elements clothing, textures, or human beings.”

“Light has Temperature” and is measured is degrees Kelvin (K). e.g. sunrise and sunset when the color temperature is low (2500K-3500K) and thse temperatures creat a feling of warmth. On a cloudy day the color temperature of light is high (6000K-7000K) and the feeling is of coldness. Photography should always control feelings of warmth or cold.

“Color combinations cause emotion.” Reds and Yellows are said to be emotionally stimulating, whilst greens and blues are said to be emotionally restful; Choice of color therefore affect the mind! Human skin has subtle color variations according to helth, ethnicity, excitement, season and these also convey feelings. Photography, stylists & makeup artists will effect how images transmit emotion.

“Studio lighting can control temperature, direction and quality.” Angular direction of light reveals or hides shape and texture. In life, sunlight illuminates at it’s familiar angle from dawn till dusk, whilst perverse upward lighting can generate dramatic effect on stage. Hard light from the sun creates extreme contrasts of color and shadow, but will be softened according to time-of-day and cloud cover. In studio, light fittings control not only direction and temperature of light, but also it’s softness for beauty shots, or hardness for control of shape.